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Projects 2024

Throughout the year, Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland holds several pitch days together with its consortium partners Trust Square, CV VC as well as CV Labs and its research partners SUPSI, ZHAW and the University of Basel. These are the projects which were selected and are now supported by Innosuisse idea funding and sponsors.


Breezing is a crypto accounting software solely focused on businesses. Such software does not yet exist. The idea will be tested through further support from ZHAW and CV Labs.


Deltagain will create a new platform that allows tourists to book restaurants, sports activities, shows, events and other activities in Ticino. By creating a direct link between tourists and local offers, deltagain simplifies the process of planning and enjoying a trip and makes life easier for visitors before and during their stay. In collaboration with SUPSI and Quokka 360 the team will implement their idea.

Gbits Pay

Gbits Pay enables open innovation for Swiss QR invoice payments. With Gbits Pay you can pay Swiss QR invoices with blockchain based stablecoins (e.g. VCHF) and add additional features like payment receipts as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The idea will be tested through further support from University of Basel.

Data Center at Home

Data Center at Home is a system not only proposing a sustainable method of heating but also introducing an economic model where the costs of heating are offset by Bitcoin mining.


Each SME buys and sells products and services every day. DERP is a tool that provides SMEs the possibility to harmonize these transactions and automate processes, eliminating repetitive and manual activities throughout the supply chain. The idea will be tested through further support from SUPSI.


Empowering the forgotten engine of growth: ATLANTE unlocks financial inclusion for frontier market entrepreneurs and refugees. The FinTech platform provides the tools they need to build resilience and thrive, creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all. The idea will be tested with support from University of Basel.

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