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Swiss Blockchain Federation

The Swiss Blockchain Federation systematically promotes a new generation of great ideas and promising startups.

The NTN Innovation Booster powered by Innosuisse are a community with an open innovation culture, in which the most important players collaboratively develop innovative ideas around promising topics and open new business areas as well as approaches. Doing this, they provide Swiss companies with a significant competitive advantage and create important added value for the Swiss economy and society.

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The Swiss Blockchain Federation has been chosen as one of its 12 "NTN Innovation Boosters" by Innosuisse.

The leading house can, thanks to the support of Innosuisse, provide direct subsidies for the development and test of innovative ideas. This promotes an agile process with collaborative methods and formats for the joint elaboration of ideas as well as the successful knowledge and technology transfer.


Who we are

Pascal Ihle

Leading House

CEO Swiss Blockchain Federation & Innobooster

Alexandra Hofer

Leading House

Project Manager and Research Assistant Swiss Blockchain Federation & Innobooster

Mathias Ruch

Leading House

Chairman Expert Council Swiss Blockchain Federation and Coordinator of consortium partners

Ralf Kubli

Leading House

Research Assistant and Person in charge of the Blockchain Nation Switzerland Ecosystem


Consortium Partners

Our Consortium consists of relevant actors from academia, industry and society, which together assume responsibility for the successful implementation of the «NTN - Innovation Booster». The Consortium thus conducts the overarching supervision of the «NTN - Innovation Booster» and represents it towards the public.


Third-party funding, infrastructure, access to capital and relevant actors

CV Labs

Network of mentors and development of ideas and business models

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One of the largest blockchain co-working spaces in Switzerland, initiator of the most significant blockchain hackathon (#SBHACK19)

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Applied science and events (Blockchain-Forum & CVC)


Partner in Ticino and blockchain center of competence of the Innovation Park

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