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Throughout the year, Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland holds several pitch days together with its consortium partners Trust Square, CV VC as well as CV Labs and its research partners SUPSI, ZHAW and the University of Basel.

Funding criteria

Invitation to Pitch Day

The following criteria are required for an invitation to our Pitch Days:

  • new, radical, early-stage blockchain idea
  • Swiss residency
  • not an already existing start-up/company
  • no prior funding through Innovation cheque
To get an opportunity for presentig your idea at one of our Pitch Days you can submit it here.

Jury evaluation

On the Pitch Day, the presentations are evaluated by a jury, that consists of experts in the blockchain field. The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • Business potential: 25%
  • Classification of idea - radical change* vs. incremental change: 25%
  • Team potential: 20%
  • Blockchain relevance: 20%
  • Pitch quality: 10%
* Radical innovation aims at a revolutionary character of innovation and can include new products, services or processes with new characteristics or forms, so that industries or markets are developed or changed, but not destroyed. In contrast, an incremental innovation idea is an evolutionary development of something that already exists.

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