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Projects 2022

Throughout the year, Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland held several pitch days together with its consortium partners Trust Square, CV VC as well as CV Labs and its research partners SUPSI, ZHAW and the University of Basel. From these and from the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon, 14 project ideas resulted, which were selected and are now supported by Innosuisse idea funding and sponsors. 


Blok-C innovative vision is to digitize construction and boost productivity. We connect the real world construction with the digital world, use Blockchain to automate general manual processes through smart contracts, provide contract management, immutable data storage plus a market place. We are exited to develop our first prototype with our partners supported by the award from Blockchain Nation.


The Investment Funds industry is highly inefficient (many intermediaries) and opaque (counterparty risk). Fume is an on-chain fund management protocol built to enforce the offering memorandum with smart contracts ensuring traceability and efficiency without intermediaries. It's the base application layer for future on-chain fund management tools, not limited to cryptocurrencies.

Framly is the ultimate physical device based on e-paper displays and blockchain technologies that enables the “materialization” of digital art: no wires, no annoying backlight. The users can safely pair their NFTs with the frame: ownership and authenticity are always ensured. Our mission is to create the perfect support to enjoy and spread digital art in a secure, authentic and sustainable way. Learn more on their website.


Brands and investors increasingly explore commercial use cases in relation with NFTs. Finding and verifying the relevant data of such tokens will be paramount for making informed business decisions. Beligent aims to provide the market with a state of the art due diligence solution to assess potential risks and allow sound investments. Learn more on their website.


Today, only the top 3% of the population can invest in start-ups, whereas ordinary investors are excluded from one of the most successful asset classes of the last decade.
Arcton is democratizing start-up investments by building the first public marketplace for start-ups. On its platform, for the first time, everyone can invest and sell their shares as easily as if they were listed on a stock exchange. Learn more on their website.

Construction Site Monitoring (Xsenda)

Office and residential tenants often suffer 
from polluted air and noise from nearby construction sites. The monitoring solution by Construction Site includes automatic monitoring of construction site emissions, automatic classification of construction works and certified reports based on blockchain technology. Consequently, the tenant can expect a reasonable rent reduction due to verifiable claims.


Flidless makes identity verification fast and completely private. The core premise is to perform identity checks required by online platforms, without involving any third party to store the identity data. This prevents the data from being leaked. Flidless leverages's technology (a Web3-focused KYC platform), by finding novel real world usecases, such as accelerating queues at airports. 


Right Foot Forward is a web3 non-profit for
skateboarding. Our mission is to bring communities closer together through skateboarding. We aim to give away skateboards to underserved kids and communities around the world. We'll do this by selling premium skateboards along with a NFT. This NFT allows donors to vote on how we choose to distribute our resources. Learn more on their website.



Receiving the grant allows #Verticeuticals to continue designing and developing the IoT and blockchain monitored vertical farming towers to grow traceable medicinal plants. In collaboration with #Decentlab, a specified IoT device prototype is being developed as well as an accompanying blockchain-based data platform with #Digitalminds and #ZHAW. Learn more on their LinkedIn-page.


The Myth of Swiss Alps Beyond The Real

'The Myth of Swiss Alps Beyond The Real adds animations and sounds to still images by transforming the corresponding algorithms into NFT. Specific hardware devices are developed to be distributed to museums as well as the procedures enabling to send NFT to specific devices for a limited time (see ERC-4907 standard). For 2023, three public events are already planned in Lugano, Milano, and Paris. After these events further developments will be specified.



Logistics-BDT systems provide a secure way to verify and authenticate Luxury products, thereby protecting buyers from counterfeited items. This is done using Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital signatures, and blockchain time stamping to track the history and ownership of luxury products throughout their lifecycle. The system further provides a multi-signature technique for transparent, verifiable & efficient transfer of ownership of luxury products. Learn more on their website.



SportSpace wants to digitize the sports industry allowing stakeholders to communicate and share data in a secured and decentralized environment. A suitable term for that is "Sports 3.0": Inspired by Web 3.0 and its approach of decentralization of data ownership, the idea is that athletes become the owner of their content, suggesting that the power will shift back towards them, allowing them to actively use and leverage their own data to their advantage.



perseedU is a web3 infrastructure that makes charities more transparent and personal, building charity 3.0 for the next generation of donors. Happy donors means more donations to NPOs.



#NFGrapevine was launched as an open-source project in summer 2022 to drive a community-generated journey of winemaking, enabling a more transparent approach to owning and tasting Web3 wine. Located in the Swiss Alps, the highest vineyard in Europe, #NFG owners want to learn how next-gen tech and digitalisation is impacting their company and future business tomorrow.

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