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Projects 2023

Throughout the year, Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland holds several pitch days together with its consortium partners Trust Square, CV VC as well as CV Labs and its research partners SUPSI, ZHAW and the University of Basel. These are the projects which were selected and are now supported by Innosuisse idea funding and sponsors.

MRLY aimes to provide an important missing piece of the puzzle to the music NFT universe by servicing an efficient registration and payout process for online music copyright revenues.


An SaaS Platform for DAO creation and operation for legal and tech.


A new way to convert existing web2.0 websites or onlineshops into immersive 3D web3.0 websites with just one line of code. Imagine your own little metaverse (metaRoom) hosted on your own website, where you showcase your products and services and interact with customers in a totally new way. 

NFTs to ensure soldiers data privacy and security

Fit on Duty is a research project utilizing blockchain technology and wearables to securely and anonymously monitor soldiers' physical performance. By implementing NFTs connected to individual soldiers, the project ensures data privacy while enabling authorized stakeholders to access and analyze the data. This innovative approach aims to enhance military training, save lives, and protect personal information in the Swiss Army and Federal Office of Sport.

Omnia Network

Omnia uses Dfinity’s Internet Computer blockchain to create a network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices owned by the people who contribute to building it. The Omnia Network serves as an open and neutral infrastructure for developers to create applications that interact with the physical world. It provides a uniform interface that allows developers to create applications that can easily access any IoT device, regardless of its underlying protocol or platform it is part of.

Dao Radar Switzerland

The DAO Radar is one of the first-ever research reports that tokenizes contributions to the research, e.g., survey participation. Initially, contributions will be kept in a simple database and NFT badges will be issued to verify contributions. In the future, with ZK technology, it will be possible to track contributions and their sources over time, request follow-up data for concurrent years, and provide contributors with free ZKpass access to the report and their contributions, without giving access to any non-verified parties. In this follow-up work, e.g. in 2024, CC technology can be implemented that allows third parties to query the research data for specific purposes without releasing contributors' personal information.

DMRV Biogas

DMRV Biogas aims to bring more information and trust to the carbon savings market. Higher quality information directly from gas measured at source (the biodigester tank) is planned to be written onto the blockchain, to be immutable. This helps ease funding from organizations and alleviates investment costs from farmers.


Chainstaff is revolutionizing recruitment by utilizing peer-to-peer referrals and an incentivized model. It expands your network's reach to both active and passive job seekers, creating a decentralized, cost-effective, and efficient hiring process. Successful placements reward all parties involved, addressing the critical shortage of skilled professionals.


Create a global investment sourcing app leveraging the power of social signalling and prediction markets. The app would decentralise the investment scouting process, making venture capital more diverse, inclusive and profitable. By leveraging on-chain signalling and reputation opportunities are created for new talent to learn the art of investing and build their own investment track record, on-chain.


StudyBud provides personalized online tutoring, matching students with tutors who best fit their learning needs and styles. The platform features a wide range of educational resources, supporting diverse academic requirements. This approach guarantees an optimal learning experience, ensuring each student reaches their full potential.


The idea is to develop a standardized charging infrastructure for electric bicycles, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. Key components of our solution include a user-friendly application, an innovative charging system with secure locking mechanisms, and charging stations equipped with solar panels, surveillance cameras, and lighting for user safety. This groundbreaking initiative simplifies electric mobility and encourages users to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, all while integrating web3 technology for a modern and secure experience.


X2Earn is a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform that allows users to earn money by participating in meaningful real-world activities. With two core use cases, Learn2Earn and Plant2Earn, X2Earn empowers students to earn while they learn and provides pre-harvest financing to farmers in less developed regions. This innovative approach bridges the gap between the crypto community and the mainstream, offering accessible and sustainable income opportunities while fostering education and sustainable agriculture. 

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