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The Swiss Blockchain Hackathon takes place every September. In 2022, the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon teamed up with Europe's largest hackathon - HackZurich - for the first time, contributing two blockchain challenges.

The #SBHACK22 at HackZurich was run by a consortium consisting of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, Trust Square, CVVC, CV Labs, SUPSI and HSLU and took place as part of the Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland. The Innovation Booster program is sponsored by Innosuisse.

500 hackers on site and another 1,000 participants from around the world worked on the challenges throughout the weekend. Eight teams submitted innovative solutions for the two blockchain challenges: These were 'Consumer-oriented Utility Token', based on Casper's blockchain, and 'NFT data and information exploration', based on Velas' blockchain.
Two teams made it to the 25 finalists out of 140 submissions. Finally, the blockchain solution of team 'Flidless' won the 2nd prize of the overall HackZurich ranking.


#SBHACK22 Official After Movie

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