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The Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland is involved in various blockchain challenges every year to generate ideas.

In the challenge stage, ideas can be generated and then submitted by using our contact form. If the blockchain idea fulfils all our criteria, the teams are invited to one of our Pitch Days and can present their idea to a jury. The jury consists of representatives of the research partners and implementation partners of the Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland. They decide which radical ideas have potential and will therefore be supported.



DAWO24 - European DAO Workshop

The European DAO Workshop 2024 (DAWO24) will take place in Winterthur on 4 and 5 July 2024. 

The workshop is organised by the Institute for Organizational Viability of our partner ZHAW. The event offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of DAOs, network with academic and industry leaders and explore the latest advances in DAOs.

Ellie Rennie from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Fabian Schär from the University of Basel and Javier Arroyo Gallardo from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid are among the keynote speakers, followed by many more interesting talks!

SwissHacks 2024

The first SwissHacks Hackathon will take place in Zurich from 28 to 30 June 2024. This is an initiative of FIND (Swiss Financial Innovation Desk) and Tenity.

Students, developers, designers, companies and financial experts can tackle real challenges and opportunities in the financial sector. Experienced hackers and hackanewbies are invited to immerse themselves in the fintech-focussed hackathon.

The SwissHacks Hackathon offers five different challenges sponsored by SIX, Julias Baer, Ripple, Postfinance and Microsoft in collaboration with Unique. The Ripple Challenge is about further developing finance with blockchain, namely XRP Ledger and/or its EVM sidechain.

The Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland is an official community partner of SwissHacks 2024 and will be present on site.


*Deadline for applications is 31 May 2024.

B4B - Blockchain for Business

The B4B programme consists of two modules, which take place in spring and autumn.  The programme is sponsored by the City of Lugano and organised by the Lugano Living Lab in collaboration with USI, SUPSI and Franklin University. 

The aim of the B4B programme is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to understand, implement and use the possibilities of blockchain. The aim is to impart not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills.

The Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Siwtzerland and Lugano Living Lab are organising a Pitch Day on the last day of the second module, where participants will have the chance to present their ideas.


*Application deadline is 31 March 2024.

DAO Launchpad

The DAO Launchpad programme is taking place from 19 February to 29 March 2024!

The DAO Launchpad includes a 6-week programme for DAO founders (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations). It supports early-stage ideas to promote DAO innovations in Switzerland.

The programme is a collaboration between WTF Ventures, ZHAW, FTW DAO, Swiss Economics, MME Legal | Tax | Compliance and the Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland.


*Application deadline is 9 February 2024.



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